The following sections will give you a short overview about the LingoTeach project. For further details follow the links within the text and the menu.

What is the LingoTeach project?

The LingoTeach project is a set of programs, libraries and data, which aims to help people learning foreign languages. People can learn from various lessons and thus enhance their vocabulary of the language(s) they want to learn.It is also possible to listen to the different words and sentences, which are spoken by native speakers.

The LingoTeach project itself consists of various parts. On the one hand there is the end-user application, lingoteach-ui and lesson and sound packages (lingoteach-lesson, lingoteach-sound), which can be used with it, on the other there is the backend library liblingoteach, which interacts with the lessons and the application and which can be used by third party applications.

All components of the LingoTeach project are free software, licensed through the GNU GPL or another open source license, thus everyone can use it.


LingoTeach offers various features to its users, such as:

More resources

You can get more information, bug tracking status, CVS access, etc. by browsing the project page, which is luckily hosted at Sourceforge. Just go to http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/lingoteach