Various packages for the LingoTeach application can be downloaded from here.

The most recent version for lingoteach-ui is 0.4.0-alpha-2.

Package contents

Beneath you will wind a link to the Sourceforge download repository of the LingoTeach project. You will notice several different packages there, for which a short content description will follow:

The lingoteach-ui package is the end-user application and contains various sources and data files, which make up the application.
The liblingoteach library package is needed to fetch meanings and translations from the various lesson files. It is used heavily by the lingoteach-ui package and thus a required dependency.
To get more information about it, please take a look at the liblingoteach subsection.
The lingoteach-lesson package provides various additional lesson files to use with the lingoteach-ui application. It is an optional package.
The lingoteach-sound packages contain sound snippets for usage with the basic.xml lesson file shipped with lingoteach-ui. They can be used to listen to native speakers while learning. The package can be downloaded as complete tarball containing various languages (about 20 MB) or as language specific tarballs. Those are optional packages.

Source code

All packages released by the LingoTeach project are available as source code packages. Please use the following links to download them from the SourceForge repository.

The various .asc files can be used to verify, that the packages are not modified by third people. You can use this GPG key, with which the packages were signed.

Binary packages

None at the moment. Please take a look at the package list of your distribution and ask the according people for LingoTeach. If you have created an own binary package (e.g. RPM), please tell us and we will link it here.